SDU Business Plan

SDU Business Plan

Below are details of the SDU Business Plan 2015/16, along with key milestone dates. This Business Plan has been agreed with NHS England and Public Health England and will be subject to review during the year.

Scope of unit

To support sustainable development across the system by bringing the environmental and social strands to the fore. To act as stewards across the system which means further developing the system vision and mechanisms for monitoring and reporting progress.


The success criteria over the next five years are that the health and care system:

  • has reduced its carbon footprint by 34% across scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
  • is implementing a joined up approach to adapt to the changing climate and to support communities.
  • has clear processes by which environmental and social sustainable development is measured, monitored, and reported on
  • can demonstrate progress that principles and decisions related to sustainable development are embedded.


Key work streams and deliverables

  • Monitoring and publishing system progress on sustainable development via SDMP maps, ERIC data and maps of GCC use, and looking at ways to improve this intelligence.
  • Engaging the system and developing thinking on specific programmes of work on pharmaceuticals, metrics, social value, innovation, commissioning and procurement.
  • Supporting cross system leadership and implementation through the cross systems group for sustainable development in health.
  • Continuing to promote sustainable development and adaptation in different areas of the sector – such as with HWBS through the Local Implementation Toolkit.
  • Reviewing and developing long terms strategic thinking on sustainable development through a sector wide review and engagement of the Route Map process.
  • Internal Unit assessment through SDU 360.

Key Dates



Maps of GCC sign up and progress published

May 2015

Stakeholder engagement in progress review

Jun 2015

Route Map event

Jul 2015

Sustainable Leadership Course delivered

Sep 2015

Defra publication of ARP report

Oct 2015 (TBC)

ERIC updated map of regional progress including SDMPs

Nov 2015

Health sector support to COP 2015

Dec 2015

Health check publication including update on carbon footprint for the NHS and the sector against the 10% ambition

Jan 2016

Business Plan for 2015/16 agreed

Feb 2016

NHS Change Day
NHS Sustainability Day

Mar 2016