Cross System Group

The National Cross System Group for sustainable development in health is made up of organisations within the health sector and related partner organisations. The group meet twice a year with meetings co-ordinated and supported by the SDU, who work closely with the chair and members between formal meetings.

Vision: To support the development of sustainable and prosperous places, communities and people.

Purpose of the group: To share and provide ambition, leadership, vision, and cross system support in relation to sustainable development from and for the health and care system (specifically the public health, health care and social care sectors).

Areas of focus:

1.    Consider the existing and emerging challenges, opportunities, and evidence regarding sustainable development (and climate change); and the current scale, rate and alignment of progress for every part of the health and care system.
2.    Help identify the current and future policies, practices and requirements that will help progress sustainable development throughout the system: in order to improve health and care, give direction, drive the development of sustainable communities and places, and to be an exemplary leader across the public sector and wider society.
3.    Hold a mirror to the system that helps turn good intentions on sustainable development into action.
4.    Complement and amplify formal governance and measurement processes across the wider health and care system to drive change across communities.


Chair: Martin Reeves.

High level representation from organisations across the health and care system to ensure an effective system-wide approach to sustainable development. This includes the following organisations and representatives of system areas:

Care Quality Commission
Public Health England
NHS England
Local Government Association
Living With Environmental Change
National Institute for health and Care Excellence
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
NHS Confederation
Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Kings Fund
Social Care Institute for Excellence
Skills for Care
Nuffield Trust

NHS Alliance
Health & Wellbeing Boards (representation)
Royal College of Nursing
Health and Social Care Information Centre
NHS Trust Development Authority
NHS Property Services
Department of Health
Department of Energy and Climate Change
Royal College of General Practitioners
Academic/Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Health Education England / Local Education and Training Boards
NHS Providers