South Region Sustainability and Health Network

The South Region Sustainability and Health Network is jointly run by NHS England and Public Health England. The primary purpose of the network is to support a rapid transformation of the health and care system in the south of England to a sustainable resilient system. It will achieve this through the implementation of the national Sustainable Development Strategy for the NHS, Public Health and Social Care.  The work of the network supports the overall strategic direction for NHS England as published in the Five Year Forward View and for Public Health England as described in their five year priorities.  

The network links and supports those working in the health and care system across the south of England. It is based on the geographical boundaries used for the NHS South Region which correspond to the boundaries used by the Public Health England. The region stretches from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to Kent and as far north as Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. 

Membership of the network is free and open to all those working in or with the health and care system in the region. Members receive a monthly email update, invitations to attend an annual regional conference and biannual master-classes and will have the opportunity to join supported programmes to develop local networks and leadership.
If you are interested in joining this network please contact the network administrator at 

3rd annual SRSHN conference – Bristol, Wednesday 16 November 2016: 

Delivering the health and wellbeing benefits of the natural environment:
An event to support STP implementation

For the 3rd annual SRSHN conference we have teamed up with a consortium of South West Local Nature Partnerships. LNPs are strategic partnerships that bring together the health and natural environment agenda.

This event will explore:

  • how sustainable working is core to sustainability and transformation plans; 
  • evidence for the benefits of the natural environment to health and wellbeing; 
  • ways of integrating these benefits into service provision to support a more sustainable health and care system; 
  • case studies which demonstrate how nature-based health care is delivering real health and wellbeing benefits. 

Speakers include: Nigel Acheson - NHS England; Jenny Harries - Public Health England; David Pencheon - Sustainable Development Unit; David Buck - Kings Fund; and Pam Warhurst, The South Pennines Local Nature Partnership.

This free to attend conference is open to NHS, public health and social care professionals and partner organisations. 

More information, registration and agenda.

Sustainability Masterclass, Autumn 2016

Oxford Academic Health Science Network, Friday 30 September

View the flyer here.

If you are unable to attend the event a Virtual Masterclass will be held on Tuesday 25 October.

Sustainability Masterclass, Spring 2016

Plymouth University, Monday 22 February - view the flyer here.

Recordings of the latest webinars are now available to view online:

Masterclass 1: Dr Rob Hayward on Behavioural Insights in the field of sustainability and health     
Password: Susta1n

Masterclass 2: Professor Janet Richardson on Education for Sustainability and Health   
Password: Susta1n2

The film referred to in Prof Janet Richardson’s presentation can be viewed on YouTube.


Read the network's commitment to sustainable working.


  Sustainability and Health in the South Region of England 2014-15            

Sustainability and Health in the South Region of England 2015-16

South Region Annual Sustainability and Health Conference 2015

The South Region Annual Sustainability and Health Conference 2015 ‘Embedding Sustainability in Health and Social Care’  took place in Bristol on 14 October 2015.

Headline speakers included Nigel Acheson, NHS England, Stephen Morton, Public Health England and David Pencheon, Sustainable Development Unit.

Slides from these speaker are available to download below along with slides from the workshop sessions. 

A Storify of the twitter is available here.

A copy of the event agenda is available here.