SDU Business Plan

SDU Business Plan

Below are details of the SDU Business Plan 2017/18. This Business Plan has been agreed with NHS England, Public Health England and the Cross System Group for Sustainable Development in Health. It will be subject to review during the year.

Scope of unit

To support sustainable development across the system by bringing the environmental and social strands to the fore. To act as stewards across the system which means further developing the system vision and mechanisms for monitoring and reporting progress.


The success criteria over the next five years are that the health and care system:

  • has reduced its carbon footprint by 34% across scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
  • is implementing a joined up approach to adapt to the changing climate and to support communities.
  • has clear processes by which environmental and social sustainable development is measured, monitored, and reported on
  • can demonstrate progress that principles and decisions related to sustainable development are embedded.

Key work streams

  • Accountability: evidence, guidance and tools to reduce harm and improve safety.
  • Ensuring local health and care staff and systems create fair, resilient, and sustainable communities.
  • Using the influence of the health sector - the staff, partners and supply chain - to normalise the innovative ways of improving environmental, social and economic health.

The SDU Business Plan 2017/18 can be downloaded below.