In a low carbon system waste is minimised, and managed to consistently comply with legislation, and is recycled or composted routinely

Key actions to manage waste are:

  1. Management of domestic, clinical and hazardous waste should be reported at Board level as a key part of sustainability reporting.
  2. Boards should undertake a balanced risk assessment of all waste, and its associated costs and carbon including those related to single issue, use and disposal policies in contrast to sterilisation and re-use policies.
  3. Organisations should ensure they have the necessary skills to manage waste legally, efficiently and cost effectively.
  4. Organisations should monitor the quantity and cost of all waste streams and set trajectories to monitor, manage and reduce them over time.


Progress in reducing waste can be seen on a series of Maps produced by the SDU in collaboration with PHE Knowledge and Intelligence Team (East).

The HSCIC provides reports including annual statistics on waste - see HERE

The Department of Health have also issued guidance about management and disposal of waste - click here

Measuring Waste

You can find some sugggested measures for waste in our Carbon Footprint Metrics document

Food Waste Survey

There is an interesting research project currently being undertaken focussing on the management of food waste in hospitals in England and Scotland with the aim of establishing a cost benefit analysis of options for the collection and disposal of food waste.

The initial data gathering phase is now underway and hospitals are being asked to complete a brief online survey (at www.foodwastesurvey.co.uk ) that gathers basic data on current food waste management practices.

The SDU is supporting this valuable work and hopes that colleagues are able to contribute. The findings of the research will be designed to help those with responsibility for food waste disposal to make the right decisions given the options available to them, and aims to provide a model that will help with this.

The attached document provides more detail on the research and provides a link to the survey.

The research is being undertaken by Urban Mines Ltd on behalf of the Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

Reports and guidance

Below you will find reports regarding waste that you may find of use.