Sustainable clinical and care models

All services aim to deliver the best quality of care within the resources available. This has always been a challenge and will become increasingly so as costs escalate, scarce resources diminish and weather patterns become more unpredictable. To be prepared for changing times, climates and events it is increasingly important to consider the environmental and social impact of how services are delivered.

Preserving the values that underpin a universal health service, free at the point of use, will mean fundamental changes to how we deliver and use health and care services. These issues need to be discussed with people and their communities so that they are at the heart of the design and delivery of care.

Transforming the way care is delivered provides an opportunity to take a whole systems approach. Taking account of the environmental and social impacts of service models can support the development and delivery of more integrated and sustainable models of care in the future.

This area is divided into two parts that focus on:
  1. Sustainability as a factor underpinning high quality care
  2. Transformational care

The full module can be downloaded below along with implementation notes to support delivery.