The Lostwithiel flood plan film

In November 2010 extremely heavy rain and gale-force winds resulted in a major flood in Lostwithiel, Cornwall and the surrounding area. Homes and businesses in the town were flooded with some under four feet of water.

Since then the town has worked hard to build community resilience to ensure the residents are better prepared for the dangers of flooding and able support each other when extreme weather events occur.

This film explains the effects of the floods, how the community have developed a flood plan and how other communities can do similarly.

Changing climate has direct implications on our health, and also pose challenges to the way in which the NHS, public health and social care system operates.

This is closely linked to the SDU's strategy module 'Healthy, Sustainable and Resilient Communities' - which you can download here.

You may also be interested in the 'Under the Weather' toolkit which has been developed to support Health and Wellbeing boards, and others, ensure organisations and communities are prepared for the impact of climate change and, in particular, extreme weather conditions such as heatwaves, severe cold snaps and flooding.