Operational TLC

Implementing behaviour change programs for improved patient environments and energy savings

Operation TLC is an award-winning behaviour change programme developed by Barts Health NHS Trust and Global Action Plan, which has since been adopted by Trusts across the country including Great Ormond Street Hospital, King's College Hospital and Frimley Park.

TLC is an energy improvement programme which takes into account staff preferences, patient needs and cost efficiencies. At Barts Health, three focused actions of “Turn off equipment”, “Lights out”, and “Control temperatures” across six sites resulted in 33% fewer sleep disruptions for patients; £500,000 in energy savings; and 2200 tonnes of carbon saved each year. This project empowered nurses to make changes to their ward environments to improve energy efficiency and patient experience; more familiarity with buildings and control systems; and the decommissioning or replacement of out of date (and carbon intensive) equipment. Audits showed that all three aspects of social, environmental, and financial sustainability were being successfully addressed, with a return on investment within one year on measured energy savings alone.

Below you can download free TLC programme materials than can be adapted to your organisation. These are aimed at promoting simple, small actions that, when become good habits, can make a big difference. 

Key lessons from Operation TLC:

  • Engagement can be successful when staff are empowered to utilise their environment for social (patient care) and environmental (estates management) benefit.
  • Understanding and utilising the issues that motivate staff was essential to success. This understanding can be gained by engaging with broader representative audiences; the team spoke at the Royal College of Nursing annual congress on this topic.
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress is important for developing a business case. Estimates suggest a nationwide roll out could save the NHS up to £35 million and 200,000 tonnes of carbon per annum.


TLC downloads and free materials