Social Value Calculator

The Calculator is intended for organisations operating within the health and social care system that would like to capture and quantify some of the environmental and socio-economic benefits (social value) associated with their processes and operations. These include, procurement, service design and commissioning decisions.  

Using the Calculator may also support organisations to meet evidence requirements within the SDU's Sustainable Development Assessment Tool (SDAT).

Themes, Outcomes, Measures

These have been designed to reflect the needs of patients, staff, businesses, suppliers, communities and society as a whole. 

  • There are five overarching strategic Themes.
  • Underpinning these Themes are 31 contributing objectives or goals – Outcomes – that organisations should be looking to achieve.
  • These are supported by 71 Measures that can be used to assess whether the Outcomes have progressed. Measures are action-based and represent activities that an organisation could complete to support a particular Outcome.


Organisations may use the Calculator, at corporate level, to capture, quantify and report the value of interventions and initiatives that are already happening. By doing this, organisations can highlight the positive value they are creating (on top of their core service) and share best practice but also identify what they could be doing to achieve more added value.

The Calculator may also be used for setting specific objectives or targets for an upcoming project, or retrospectively capturing the impact of a project that has concluded. 

The Calculator can be used to inform thinking in the procurement process, when identifying the need, developing the specification or engaging the market. The Calculator may serve as a "menu of options" to inform the design phase and may become a reporting vehicle during contract delivery, where relevant and proportionate. 

Any and all organisations may use this Calculator as a basis for engaging their suppliers and supply base to explore the scope for, and type of, potential added social value. 


The Calculator was commissioned by the Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) for the Health and Social Care System, and developed by the Social Value Portal.  The Calculator is based on the 'National TOMs Framework 2018' and developed with the support and engagement with stakeholders from across public, private and third sectors.

Terms and Conditions

By downloading the Calculator, Licensees agree they: 

  1. shall not cause or permit the reverse engineering, disassembly or decompilation of the Calculator;
  2. shall not sell the Calculator or any part thereof without the prior written consent of the Social Value Portal and the Sustainable Development Unit;
  3. shall use the Calculator at their own risk, and on the strict understanding that the Social Value Portal nor the Sustainable Development Unit will be held liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of the Calculator, and will impose a clause having no less effect on any third party to whom the User supplies the Calculator or any software developed therefrom or incorporating elements thereof.



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