Welcome to the Powerful Points library

You can find impactful facts and figures about sustainable development in health and care. 

A few suggestions and ideas for use:

  • Search based on the priorities or interests of of people or groups you want to influence (e.g. hospital boards) to make the case personal to them.
  • Find points that reflect your priorities - you will always be more passionate when talking about an issue that really means something to you.
  • Each point links to other related points, to help you to build a story, e.g.:
"Air pollution is linked to around 40,000 UK deaths per year; deprived areas are more likely to have poor air quality; the NHS accounts for roughly 4% of the UK's carbon footprint - therefore we could have a real influence on the health of local communities through reducing emissions and improving air quality."

  • Use the information included about case studies, work happening or ideas to help direct people to an action.
Add your own points using the button on the top right of the tool, or by emailing england.sdu@nhs.net (please include where you found the point). We hope that you enjoy using the tool and find it useful. Please do send any feedback you have.