Healthy returns infographic

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Across the NHS, public health and social care system there are some great examples of projects helping to build a sustainable healthcare system. The SDU have worked with NEF Consulting to identify some real life examples and show – when scaled up – the potential financial, environmental and health benefits they could offer.

(Telehealth intervention taken from the Healthy returns infographic)

The main purpose of the “Healthy Returns” project was to find interesting and relevant stories from a series of case-studies and to present them in a clear and engaging way.

(Active staff intervention - taken from Healthy Returns infographic)

Specific aims of the project are to:

•    highlight the interrelationships between sustainability and health
•    show a range of “game changing” interventions from all parts of the NHS, public health and social care system
•    empower advocates with useful data to present to decision makers
•    communicate a “journey” of sustainability interventions

While many decision makers are supportive of sustainability work in principle, they still consider there to be trade-offs against their other agendas.  

By capturing the potential of these initiatives in common metrics and over a consistent time-frame we have been able to show how together they create “healthy returns from sustainability actions” in the health and care system.

Download PDF versions of the infographic below.

Full details of how the infographic was developed - including more information about the case studies used to develop the interventions can be found in the report produced by NEF downloadable below.

If you would like to use the individual graphics of the interventions you can find them in the PowerPoint slides below.

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