South Region Sustainability and Health Network

The South Region Sustainability and Health Network is jointly run by NHS England and Public Health England. The primary purpose of the network is to support a rapid transformation of the health and care system in the south of England to a sustainable resilient system. It will achieve this through the implementation of the national Sustainable Development Strategy for the NHS, Public Health and Social Care.  The work of the network supports the overall strategic direction for NHS England as published in the Five Year Forward View and for Public Health England as described in their five year priorities.  

The network links and supports those working in the health and care system across the south of England. It is based on the geographical boundaries used for the NHS South Region which correspond to the boundaries used by Public Health England. The region stretches from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to Kent and as far north as Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. 

Membership of the network is free and open to all those working in or with the health and care system in the region. Members receive a bi-monthly email update, invitations to attend an annual regional conference and biannual master-classes and will have the opportunity to join supported programmes to develop local networks and leadership.

Anyone can sign up to the South Region Sustainability & Health Network newsletter here, and follow the Twitter feed @SouthRSHN. Colleagues in the South who would like to join the network should email

Governance and organisation

The SRSHN is led by:

  • James Mapstone, Deputy Regional Director, South Regional Office, Public Health England
These leads are supported by:

  • Vivienne Stevens, Sustainability & Health Project Coordinator, NHS England
  • Richard Jerrett, Delivery Manager, South Regional Medical Directorate, NHS England
  • Michael Baker, Deputy Director of Healthcare Public Health, Public Health England (South East)


Read the network's commitment to sustainable working.

2018 events and opportunities

Watch this space for news of forthcoming SRSHN events and see below for the latest information. 

South Region Sustainability and Health Newsletter

The autumn edition of SRSHN’s newsletter is out now and features updates relating to the SHC awards, Ambassadors’ activities, Action on Plastic, Health & Nature, and a goodbye message from Nigel Acheson, as well as information about relevant events, opportunities and resources. You can read the autumn edition here and join the mailing list here.


Sustainability & Health Ambassadors

The SRSHN aims to have at least one Sustainability and Health Ambassador for each of the 13 South region Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs). It is hoped that these Ambassadors will help STP leaders to consider the environmental and social sustainability of new plans rather than just financial sustainability, in order to help shape localisation, devolution and community led approaches to the current transformational change agenda.

Since the Ambassadors were recruited in spring 2017, they have been provided with a programme of leadership development and have been working on local sustainability projects. On 31 July 2018 we held a special event to give the Ambassadors the opportunity to share and celebrate their achievements. You can view examples of the Ambassadors’ projects below and you can find out more about the Ambassadors in the PDF poster available here.

More projects coming soon

Report from Niall Macleod on NAPP's annual conference
In summer 2018, Sustainability & Health Ambassador Dr Niall Macleod, who is also chair of Devon Patient Group Network, gave a presentation on "PPGs influencing CCGs and STPs" at the National Association of Patient Participation's annual conference.
You can read Niall's report here and view his presentation here.


Action on Plastic

Several members of the South Region Sustainability & Health Network have formed a group to discuss ways in which we can empower NHS colleagues to take action on single use plastic.

SRSHN will be producing a toolkit to make it as easy as possible for organisations to make a difference and we will identify promising practice across the country to share with plastic champions in NHS organisations. We will also work with the Sustainable Development Unit to influence national guidance and policies to support the work of our Trusts.

In September, Nigel and James will be writing to ask NHS leaders to consider the following five questions:

1. Does our estate maximise opportunities for recycling single use plastics where they are necessary?
2. How can we reduce the single use plastics we buy?
3. How can we encourage any embedded retailers to reduce their single use plastics?
4. Is there a single use plastic champion you can support in your organisation?
5. How can your organisation communicate and engage with the local community to grow this movement from the ground up?

Follow this link to read Nigel Acheson’s blog post on single use plastic.

Contact Vivienne Stevens to join the Action on Plastic group.

Virtual Masterclass, 17 April 2018: Sustainability involves us all – taking action now

This masterclass was presented by two of our Sustainability & Health Ambassadors, Niall MacLeod and Nicola Wong.

Please click here to view the slides presented by Nicola Wong on ‘Health Matters: Community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing’ .
Please click here to view the slides presented by Niall MacLeod on ‘Sustainability – Bridging the gap between health, community and the natural world'. Click here to listen to Niall Macleod's presentation hosted on SoundCloud - (opens in new window - listen for 'bing' to advance slide)

2017 events

4th annual SRSHN conference – London, Thursday 19 October 2017: 

Building a Healthy Sustainable Society: an event to support STP implementation

This year’s conference focused on supporting social sustainability and ensuring this is embedded by STPs across the South region.
The programme featured an opening keynote address by Dr Michael Dixon, Chair of the College of Medicine; and an afternoon keynote address by Sir Sam Everington, Chair of NHS Tower Hamlets CCG; as well as workshops illustrating ways of promoting and enhancing sustainable social models to improve health and wellbeing and make the NHS and social care system more sustainable.  

Delegate pack, including agenda and biographies

You can view a video overview of the day and slides below.

Sustainability Air Quality Masterclass, Summer 2017

View the programme here and speakers’ slides here.

View Rick Lomax from the SDU talking about the HOTT tool below. 

Sustainability Masterclass, Spring 2017

The Power of Digital Technology to Sustainably Transform Health and Social Care View the programme here.

Click on the button below to view a recording of the webinar held on 28 March with presentations by Cathy Francis and Tim Clarke. (please note you may  need to install WebEx to watch)

View the film by Prof Keith McNeil below.

View pre-2017 SRSHN content.