Reporting on Sustainability for Health and Wellbeing Boards

Measuring, monitoring and reporting on sustainability through the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) supports the assurance process for meeting legal, reputational and policy requirements. 

Every place will have a different set of geographical, social, economic and demographic set of circumstances which means that a local approach is needed to support communities to thrive, be more sustainable, resilient and healthy in changing times and climates.

JSNAs report progress on Health and Wellbeing Strategies which can deliver sustainability by enabling local communities to thrive and prosper.

  • Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: A Guide to Integrating Sustainability
    Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: A Guide to Integrating Sustainability

    Guidance to support partnership working in the integration of sustainability into the JSNA and demonstrate the clear benefits of this approach. Working through will help to ensure that key aspects have been considered and cross referenced throughout the JSNA. The suggested themes and recommendations contained within this guidance have been drawn together by partners through the development of a sustainability chapter for the Kent Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.

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  • JSNA Sustainabilty Scoring Tool
    JSNA Sustainabilty Scoring Tool

    A resources to support Health and Wellbeing Boards to look at and evaluate sustainability within their JSNA

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