Plan - Sustainable Development Management Plan

Having a board approved Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP) is one of the cornerstones of the Sustainable Development Strategy and it is also an indicator in the Public Health Outcomes Framework.

Along with regular annual reporting on sustainability (follow link for reporting guidance) an SDMP is expected by the NHS Standard Contract (Service Condition 18). Annual Sustainability Reporting is furthermore required from Arm’s Length Bodies, through the Greening Government Commitments; encouraged from CCGs and Trusts through the Department of Health Group Accounting Manual (DH GAM) and suggested by the Foundation Trust Annual Reporting Manual (FT ARM).

We have produced a practical guide, below, to help you develop your plans.

Adaptation Planning 

Adaptation should be part of all SDMPs.  Specific adaptation planing guidance can be found here.

Drivers for change and legislation

We have produced a summary of "Statutory and policy drivers for change" on sustainability (see below) outlining the statutory, regulatory and policy requirements which organisations in the healthcare system should consider as part of their Sustainable Development Management Plans.