More about Sustainable Development Management Plans (SDMPs)

Why have an SDMP?

An SDMP is crucial to embedding sustainability into organisational services and is likely to save your organisation money because you will be adopting carbon reduction measures sooner rather than later.

It is an excellent mechanism for chief executives to gain assurance that their organisation is delivering on the agenda and supports the Statement on Internal Control sign off required in financial controls.

An SDMP helps organisations to take a balanced view of sustainability including carbon reduction, adaptation and incorporating corporate social responsibility including meeting the Public Sector (Social Value) Act.

For further information on carbon and money saving please read our guide below "Save Money by Saving Carbon".

  • Save Money by Saving Carbon
    Save Money by Saving Carbon

    The guidance will give financial directors and estates managers essential information on how to save money while reducing carbon (please note this document was produced in 2010 – although approaches and concepts still apply some facts and figures will not be up to date).

    Download Document