Submit your GCC assessment

The SDU is encouraging all organisations to complete the GCC online assessment to help give a more rounded picture of how the sector is performing on sustainable development. 

Users are encouraged to submit their scores by Thursday 13 April.

Information on how organisations and areas are performing will be published in May.

The Good Corporate Citizenship (GCC) is an online tool that helps organisations assess their commitment to sustainable development.

It indicates how an organisation is fairing in social, environmental, and financial terms and gives a measure of how sustainable the organisation is.  Take the test and you can see how your organisation is doing compared to others – go to the GCC page.

Every year the SDU produce maps to show regional performance on a number of areas of sustainability - including use of the GCC assessment – you can see the current maps here.

GCC Update - V 2.0

Some of you may have heard about the update to the GCC - this is currently being developed with the support of a steering/stakeholder group including the East of England Sustainability network, NHS Scotland and Nottingham Trent University.

Version 2.0 of the GCC is planned for the summer - so please do submit your assessment using the current version