Students able to support research projects

Dissertations for Good is a partnering website, connecting organisations with students completing undergraduate or masters dissertations. It allows the organisation to outsource their research and development projects to intelligent, enthusiastic and motivated students. The partners develop a project idea together and the student then has the opportunity to complete real, impactful work as a part of their course. 

For NHS organisations, it is a particularly good way of getting in touch with current students and potential future employees, tapping into a wealth of available knowledge and expertise. Projects can focus on whatever is most useful to the organisation, as long as it also allows the student to meet their requirements for their course. 

Some previously completed projects include: 

  • Investigating the impact of professional figures on males under 18 taking part in a Fatherhood Programme run by an anonymous secure training centre (University of Bristol); 
  • Plymouth’s Food Vulnerability Project, researching hard-to-reach populations and their food access challenges and needs (University of Plymouth); 
  • A critical review of current climate change information held by the Chartered Institute for Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) for building adaptation (University of West London).
Visit the Dissertations for Good webpage to find out more about the scheme, the benefits and costs associated with becoming a member and potential projects you could work on.