Top providers and commissioners recognised for excellent sustainability reporting

Top providers and commissioners recognised for excellent sustainability reporting

The SDU have teamed up with NHS Improvement and the HFMA to recognise the top sustainability reporting in the country.

We have written to forty trusts and forty CCGs (around 17%)  to let them know they have been been judged to have excellent sustainability reporting within their annual reports. 

The SDU conducted an analysis of over 450 provider and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) annual reports to evaluate sustainability sections.  The review was part of a wider analysis which can be found in the NHS organisation summary of sustainability indicators.

Open and comprehensive reporting on sustainable development is about: 

  • Demonstrating that are reducing our use of expensive natural resources, such as natural gas
  • Minimising our environmental impacts, such as vehicle air pollution
  • Maximising our positive impact in our community, for example creating local jobs.   

Good sustainability reporting is widely recognised as including the following areas:

  • Leadership & Engagement – Board level, staff and community
  • Resources - such as energy, water and waste
  • Travel - including staff travel, patient transport, business travel
  • Procurement – including local, community and ethical procurement
  • Adaptation and Transformation
  • New models of care

The SDU have produced guidance for both CCGs and providers that can be found in the reporting section.

NHS Improvement recently updated their Foundation Trust Annual Reporting Manual to reflect current best practice around sustainability reporting as part of annual reports. 

The HFMA have an active interest in the quality of sustainability reporting and recently published guidance to support good sustainability reporting covering areas.  

The SDU will be continue to analyse reporting on an annual basis and will recognise those organisations that have excelled.