A new UK network to help nurses to become more environmentally sustainable has been launched

The Green Nurse Network is available for students and practising professionals to consult and keep up-to-date with the best environmentally sustainable nursing practice online.

The Network has been developed by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH) with input from academics at the University of Plymouth’s Faculty of Health and Human Sciences, the Royal College of Nursing and Medact. 

The resource has been developed over the last two years and offers a range of activities to support the development of environmentally sustainable nursing practices. 

The network is designed to:

  • be an empowerment tool for nurses developing environmentally sustainable nursing practices
  • connect like-minded nurses and enable them to share best practice, collaborate on project ideas and build stronger relationships with one another
  • keep members abreast of issues and insight into environmentally sustainable nursing, as well as inspire innovative thinking and problem solving
  • host resources such as evidence, opinion and discussions and structure these items in a systematic way
  • provide a central hub for an environmentally sustainable nursing practice programme.

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