SDU delighted to receive Climate Champion Awards

We are delighted to have received three 2019 Climate Champion Awards, in recognition of our work and participation in the 2020 Healthcare Climate Challenge.

The Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) has been awarded:

Gold Award - Energy Green House Gas Reduction

Silver Award- Non-Energy Green House Gas Reduction

Gold Award- Climate Leadership

The Climate Champion Awards recognise organisations which are using innovation, ingenuity, investment, and their voice to reduce the climate footprint of the healthcare system. In particular, the awards acknowledge the development of low-carbon models of care, and the advancement of policies to protect the future health of the planet.

The 2019 Climate Champion Awards were presented at the European Healthcare Climate Summit in London this week in conjunction with Health Care Without Harm. SDU Director Sonia Roschnik, who spoke at the event, invited NHS attendees to join her on stage to receive the awards, acknowledging the cross system, collaboration involved in the work of the SDU.

The NHS is seen as a world leading healthcare system when it comes to sustainability. In 2018 the Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) reported that between 2007 and 2017 the NHS delivered an 18.2% reduction in carbon emissions across the whole NHS value chain.

The NHS is working towards carbon reduction targets in line with the Climate Change Act of 34% by 2020, 51% by 2025 and 57% by 2030; a fast-moving agenda to which the SDU is committed.

However, 40,000 deaths per year in the UK are linked to air pollution, and as NHS England and NHS Improvement Chief Executive, Simon Stevens acknowledged during a recent speech at EXPO 2019, the NHS is part of the solution as well as part of the problem, and more must be done to achieve net zero carbon.

Later this year, the SDU will be launching an Implementation Framework outlining how it will meet the sustainability targets within the Long Term Plan. The Climate Champion Awards are a fantastic recognition of SDU’s climate leadership and the work taking place across the system, but there remains much more to be done.