De-Carbonising your Estate 

NHS Estate is the largest single user of energy across the public sector. Building energy and water use from our secondary care estate (hospitals) accounts for 15% of the total NHS Carbon footprint, with an additional emissions being generated by the primary care (GP) estate. Our waste disposal activities, the 98,400 estates and facilities staff who travel to and from work every day and the goods and services we buy all have additional impact. 

In 2018-19 the NHS spent £667M on buying our energy, with only 0.1% generated by onsite renewables and 1.4% purchased from renewable sources. In the same year we spent an additional £85.5M on water and £115M to dispose of our waste. 

These activities are currently contributing toward carbon emissions and air pollution in the England. We will be developing national strategies, tools and guidance to help organisations to make progress toward zero carbon in these areas but in the meantime, we recommend the following actions:

  1. Review your energy benchmarking data
  2. Create a plan for implementation of LED lighting across 100% of your estate
  3. Speak to your procurement teams about switching to buying 100% renewable electricity