How can you improve air quality? 

To deliver our commitment to the air pollution reduction targets within the NHS Long Term Plan, we will focus on the following key areas:

Cut air pollutant emissions from business mileage and NHS fleet 

By 2023/24, we will cut business mileage and NHS fleet air pollutant emissions by 20%. As part of this, at least 90% of the NHS fleet will be using low-emissions engines (including 25% Ultra Low Emissions) by 2028. This will include ambulances and other specialist vehicles. More detail on the fleet requirements can be found here

Redesign care to reduce the need for patient and staff travel

Redesigned care and greater use of ‘virtual’ appointments to reduce outpatient appointments by a third

Work with local Government to reduce emissions

Environment Act of 1995 requires local authorities to review air quality in their area. If improvements are necessary, they must designate air quality management areas and work towards certain air quality objectives. An air quality action plan, describing the pollution reduction measures, must then be put in place. There may be a role for the NHS to play in supporting joint local action.