Healthy Outcomes Travel Tool (HOTT)

The Health Outcomes of Travel Tool (HOTT) has been developed to help NHS organisations measure the impact their travel and transport has in environmental, financial and health terms. HOTT is an innovative tool that allows the quantification of impacts (such as air and noise pollution, road traffic incidents and greenhouse gases) from different travel sources to allow the creation of a plan and targeted initiatives to reduce the NHS's impact from travel and transport. 

Practical HOTT outcomes include: 

  • Support business cases for improving your fleet, better service delivery design ‘care closer to home’
  • Provide information to support staff and community engagement on sustainable and healthy travel options 
  • Engage suppliers from tender stage to contract management to reduce their environmental impact. 
  • Use HOTT to evaluate the success of past/current travel and transport initiatives

HOTT is comprised of five user interfaces specific to each organisation type:

  • Provider (non-Ambulance) - for providers to reflect their core operations associated with travel, such as the movement of staff, patients and visitors. 
  • Ambulance Providers – includes fleet-specific data inputs and impacts for ambulances, rapid response vehicles and patent transport fleet. 
  • Primary Care and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) - allows CCGs to assess their own impacts alongside the travel impacts of primary care (NB the tool currently has a caveat about unknown quality of the calculated baseline business mileage figure). 
  • Supply Chain – allows engagement with supply chain and assessing the impacts of transport services and the delivery of goods
  • Internal Logistics – allows modelling the impacts from any internal logistics fleet

The tool (commissioned by the SDU and developed by Mike Holland at EMRC):

Video tutorials: