There are several useful resources available to support NHS organisations seeking to transition to a greener fleet and reduce unnecessary business mileage:

Green Fleet Reviews are funded by the Department for Transport and are provided at no charge for NHS organisations operating between 20—100 vehicles. They are designed to measure how sustainable a current fleet operation is and provide advice on vehicle choice, mileage reduction strategy, grey fleet management, staff engagement and fuel economy.

The Energy Saving Trusts sets advice on how to implement a travel hierarchy and how to manage fleet mileage (including a guide for fleet managers) as well as options for managing business travel and grey fleet use. They also set out the benefits of electric vehicles and advice on OLEV Plug-in Vehicle Grants. There are a number of other funding options available including the Workplace Charging Scheme and the eCargo Bike Grant Fund. Please let us know if there are any further resources or funding opportunities that may be of interest to NHS organisation.

The SDU’s Health Outcomes of Travel Tool (HOTT) helps NHS organisations measure the impact their travel and transport has in environmental, financial and health terms.