Implementing the LTP

The immediate actions for carbon, waste, water, air quality and plastics are set out in the Long Term Plan, and a greener NHS will ensure that: 

  • Environmental impacts are minimised 
  • The NHS prepares and responds to climate change, including weather events and supporting vulnerable people 
  • The NHS maximises every opportunity to improve environmental sustainability through its services, operations and influence.

A programme of work is currently in place to meet these goals:

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Find out Where to begin here (Insert Link to next page) or more about our work areas here:

  • Air Quality (Insert Link to next page)
  • Reducing carbon output from clinical practice (Insert Link to next page)
  • Greening our Estates and Facilities (Insert Link to next page)
  • Reducing single-use plastic in the NHS (Insert Link to next page)
  • Procurement (Insert Link to next page)