Implementing the LTP

The Long Term Plan sets out three broad priority areas:

Reducing carbon, waste and water

Target: By 2025, we will reduce our carbon footprint by 51% against 2007 levels

Key initiatives:

  • Greening our estates and facilities, including phasing out coal and oil fuel as primary heating
  • Switching to greener asthma inhalers
  • Reducing the carbon footprint from anaesthetic gases

Improving Air Quality

Target: By 2023/24, we will cut business mileages and fleet air pollutant emissions by 20%

Key initiatives:

  • Reducing NHS fleet emissions (including ambulances) and other specialist vehicles
  • Reducing outpatient appointments by a third
  • Working with local government to reduce emissions

Reducing single use plastics

Target: We will deliver reductions in single use plastics throughout the NHS supply chain

Key initiatives:

  • Reducing single use plastics across NHS catering as well as clinical and supply chain domains 
  • Working to improve the disposal and recycling processes for plastics 
  • Developing innovation in plastics
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