Support to Deliver the LTP

The health and social care system in England is a huge employer, with over 1.3 million people working in the NHS alone. Every person and organisation will be needed to support a Green NHS.

Support is available to make this a reality:

Sustainable Development Unit (SDU)

The Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) coordinates and works across the health and care sector to embed and promote sustainable practices and create a Green NHS, by reducing emissions, saving resources and improving the health of people and communities.

The SDU website has a range of resources that will support individuals and organisations to make progress: 

NHS Estates and Facilities Management

The NHS in England operates a vast estate comprising over 24,000,000M2 of hospital buildings and over 9,000 GP practices and community hubs. All of these buildings use energy to keep them heated and lit, water to ensure cleanliness is maintained, and generate waste which needs to be segregated and processed appropriately. 

Carbon emissions from the energy and water used by our hospital buildings alone, exceeds three million tonnes a year – and this figure doesn’t even start to take account for the emissions generated by the goods and services bought to effectively operate NHS estates or the emissions generated from 98,400 staff commuting to and from work. The NHS Estates and Facilities Team supports activity to address these areas. 

NHS Commercial Solutions 

Making, transporting and using NHS products and services accounts for more than 50% of the overall carbon footprint of the NHS. The way in which these are purchased, together with the product and service choices we make, can help improve planetary health. 

NHS Commercial Solutions is a collaborative procurement organisation, providing strategic procurement and commercial support to NHS Trusts, as well as central health organisations such as the Department of Health and NHS England. 

NHS Commercial Solutions website.

Working together

The SDU coordinates sustainability work and runs programmes across the health and care system, supporting regions and networks.  

Each NHS England and NHS Improvement Regional Executive Team has a designated lead, and networks of people have been established to embed sustainability in the system. Find out more and join your local network here.