Plastics Pledge

NHS services across England used more than 600 million disposable cups, and many millions of disposable cutlery and other avoidable single-use clinical and non-clinical plastic items between 2013 and 2018. 

While many plastic items are already recovered for recycling or utilised for energy from waste, the NHS remains a significant contributor to the estimated 34 billion tonnes of plastic which will pollute our natural environment by 2050. 

We are asking all providers, retailers and suppliers to the NHS, as well as numerous partner organisations, to sign up to a Plastics Reduction Pledge, whose signatories will all commit to:

  • By April 2020, no longer purchase single-use plastic stirrers and straws, except where a person has a specific need, in line with the Government Consultation
  • By April 2021, no longer purchase single-use plastic cutlery, plates or single-use cups made of expanded polystyrene or oxo-degradable plastics
  • By April 2021, go beyond these commitments, by reducing single-use plastic food containers and other plastic cups for beverages – including covers and lids

Please click on the link to sign the pledge: Plastics Pledge

If you want to find out more about the plastics pledge please email

Your work: 
If you have any success stories about how you have reduced single-use plastics in your health setting or role please email