Sustainable health

Policy and strategy

There are many policies and strategies at a national level that effect sustainability in the health and care system.  This section provides an overview of these high level issues, setting the context for the sustainability agenda. 

What is a sustainable health system?

It is easy to imagine a sustainable health and care system – it goes on forever within the limits of financial, social and environmental resources. The challenge is the current approach to delivering health and care cannot continue in the same way and stay within these limits. 
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Legal and policy framework

There are several acts of parliament that those involved in the sustainable development arena need to be aware of.  A summary of the main ones is provided here. 
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The Route Map

The Route Map is a framework for action to develop a sustainable health system over the long term. It identifies the areas that require progress in order to save money and resources, improve health and make changes future proof in line with the QIPP programme. 
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Sustainable Development Strategy

Achieving Government carbon reduction targets requires a coordinated and concerted approach focusing on priorities agreed across the healthcare system. The Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) 2014 – 2020 defines where the health system needs to be on the path to sustainable health care by 2020 and the measures and targets against which progress will be measured. The new strategy was launched in January 2014 an is supported by eight modules looking at specific areas of focus.
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The Sustainable Development Unit is involved in tracking national and sub-national progress of the health and care systems journey towards a more sustainable future. 
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International Collaboration

The English health and care system is incredibly very well thought of internationally and has a lot to share with other healthcare systems around the world. We are often used as a bench mark against which others measure themselves. However, we also have much to learn from other countries and we actively seek out best practice wherever it can be found. For example we have recently collaborated with the World Health Organisation, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals and the Brazilian healthcare system to translate publications into Portuguese.
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