Engagement resources

Overview of Resources available

To help communicate the strategy the SDU produced a number of resources for organisations to use as aprt of their own engagement programmes.  Theses can be found below.   

Power Point slide sets – Two slides sets are provided.  One gives an overview of the strategy.  The second provides a range of case studies.  Cut and paste what you need. Many pages contain notes and links are provided for further information.  

Strategy Graphics - This Power Point slide set has the charts, tables and graphics for you to use in your own presentations

Two page summary - handy summary document which can be used as a hand out. .  Designed to be printed and then folded in half to make a "4 page" A5 document. Remember to set printer for double sided printing and flip along short edge.  Best printed in colour. 

Video - A 16 minute video of Sonia Roschnick introducing the strategy at the launch event, January 2014.  See strategy launch section.