Launch of Sustainable Development Strategy

29 January 2014

The new strategy was launched on 29 January 2014 at an event in London attended by over 300 individuals from across the health and care system. From here you can access the main presentations from the day and a selection of photographs.   


Videos of the main presentations are available to watch below

Sonia Roschnik, Head of Unit, Sustainable Development Unit


Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive, NHS England


Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive, Public Health England


Michael Coughlin, Executive Director, Local Government Associatiion


Photos from the launch event

Sir David Nicholson
Chief Executive
NHS England

Duncan Selbie
Chief Executive
Public Health England

Michael Coughlin                                                                    
Executive Director                                                                  
Local Government Association                                                 

Jonathon Porritt
Programme Director   
Forum for the Future