International work

International Work

The NHS and the health and care system in England has developed an approach to Sustainable Development that is of interest to a growing number of countries and international colleagues.

We are keen to work with partners around the world to promote further learning and as such are one of the founding members of the Global Green and Health Hospitals project.
Benefitting the English health system

Benefitting the English health and care system

Although some of the work carried out in sustainability across health and care in England is seen as highly valuable, we have learnt a lot from other international organisations and colleagues which in turn has helped us maximise the work carried out here. For example we have :

  • Developed a Route Map for Sustainable Health after discussions with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and considered their Route Map for a sustainable World by 2050. 
  • Shared learning across Europe through Cleanmed events both in Malmo and in Oxford.

Our international associations have also created closer working ties with influential organisations such as the World Health Organization, UNDP, and with organisations in Europe, Brazil and China.

These countries are showing great interest in our approach, publications, training and materials.

Taking part in conferences

We take part in events and conferences when there are clear beneficial reasons for us, or the overseas country and organisation, to do so. As we are keen to keep our carbon footprint low, we prefer to take part via video link or by sending a pre-recorded video or by asking someone else to speak on our behalf. However, on occasion we will travel to the conference when this is key to learning on both sides.


We work and link in with many organisations which have important work programmes concerned with more sustainable healthcare delivery for instance Healthcare without Harm, C2DS, Kaiser Permanente, the Cancer Prevention Society, the NHS European Office, the World Health Organisation, Climate and Health Council, Environmental Health Alliance, and the Environmental Health Fund

The Sustainable Development Unit has become a founding member of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) project and encourages you to sign up to the initiative which is designed to promote action on sustainable healthcare across the world. Your organisation will then become part of a worldwide movement to reduce the environmental footprint of healthcare and to promote sustainability and public health. Join the network.

In collaboration with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, the SDU runs an international leadership and sustainable development for health course in March each year. Find out more.

We have worked closely with Brazilian health officials who have a adopted many of the learnings from the UK and with support from UKTI have translated several of our publications into Portuguese.

Please contact Sonia Roschnik ( who is our international lead if you would like more information on the latest developments in international collaboration on sustainable healthcare.