Ipsos MORI research - the public's view

In September 2015 the Sustainable Development Unit commissioned Ipsos MORI to carry out a public opinion survey to establish what the public’s expectation was in relation to sustainability in the health and care system. This follows on from the surveys that were carried out in 2013 and 2011 (2011 was in relation to the NHS only). Each survey comprised close to 1000 interviews. The survey shows that the public continues to think that sustainability remains an important issue for the health system.  

Headline summary of responses: 

  • 92% of the public think it is important for the health system to work in a more sustainable way in 2015

    (up from 89% in 2013, 2011 survey results for NHS only were  92% in 2011) 

  • 43%  of the public said the health system should act in a more sustainable way even if it would cost more money

    (up from 36% in 2013 and 33% in 2011).   

  • 25% (1 in 4) said sustainability should be a top priority in health system the responses increased with  saying it should be a top priority

    (compared to 19% or 1 in 5 in both 2013 and 2011).

The full report is available below: