Health education England

Board Commitment

We are committed to long-term sustainable development, and take our responsibilities to the wider community seriously. We acknowledge the potential impact that our activities may have on the environment, so will ensure that effective environmental management and sustainable development become integral to our working agenda. 

Progress 2017 - Internal commitments

Work to establish video conferencing, efficient travel, recycling achieved. SDMP finalised and approved by board. Currently available to all staff via staff intranet.

Progress 2017 - Influence through remit

Worked with key partners and suppliers to promote sustainability values and environmental policies and encouraging the adoption of similar policies to ‘green’ supply chain.  

New internal  and influence through remit objectives

Broaden awareness of the SDMP across the organisation. Incorporate sustainability awareness into induction guidance provided to new staff.
Form a staff network group, with a lead from each region.