NHS Improvement

Board Commitment

Within its responsibilities, NHS Improvement is committed to leading the delivery of sustainable healthcare estates, engaging with our staff, and supporting the healthcare sector to drive continual innovations delivering transformative change within health systems. 

 “Focussing on sustainability is the right thing to do for the environment, for patients and the public in general. This attention will improve outcomes and NHS Improvement needs to support the NHS to do this with and for patients, as well as role model sustainable transformation within NHS Improvement itself”. Dido Harding, Chair

Progress 2017 - Internal commitments

Engagement of internal staff by developing sustainable initiatives, e.g. ways of working, and the creation of an innovation programme. 

Progress 2017 - Influence through remit

Appointment of a national Sustainability Lead to the Operational Productivity directorate providing leadership and support to providers to maintain a focus on delivering sustainable improvements, e.g. requirement for local level SDMPs. 

New internal  and influence through remit objectives

Sustainability Lead to focus on leadership by developing a comprehensive Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP) to be published early 2018.

Engagement with other ALBs to develop cohesive national collaborative approaches to tackle sustainable development and driving innovation by supporting organisations seeking to explore new care models and approaches to prevention of detrimental impact on societal health.