NHS Property Services

Board Commitment

We are committed to CSR and sustainability. One of the company’s biggest challenges is to make the estate fit for the future. We are committed to work with our stakeholders in supporting the needs of the NHS in a sustainable way.

Progress 2017 - Internal commitments

Worked with energy providers to reduce energy and emissions and moving all freehold to central contracts, implementing data management approach.

Worked with the ReFit initiative to improve the sustainability of buildings and reviewing suitable sites and funding streams.

Progress 2017 - Influence through remit

Data management platform due to launch in 2018 to supply energy use data to freehold tenants enabling proactive action on managing energy consumption.

New internal  and influence through remit objectives

Strategies in development to support working with energy providers to reduce emissions and freehold tenants to help them understand their own energy consumption and make savings. Data management platform being developed to launch in 2018.