NHS England

Board Commitment

NHS England is committed to promoting a responsible approach to its corporate operations, including those impacting upon the environment, our employees and communities.

Progress 2017 - Internal commitments

Work to embed social value ongoing.  Commercial and procurement staff undergo mandatory training on sustainable procurement including social value. Sustainability Risk Assessment methodology about to launch. Employee volunteering increased by 175% in 2016-17. Small reduction in business travel.

Progress 2017 - Influence through remit

Continue to promote the application of the sustainability clause (service condition 18) in the NHS Standard Contract. Discussions have commenced with key suppliers around expectations for sustainability, CSR, ethical and diversity expectations. These principles are to be embedded across the wider commercial operation.

New internal  and influence through remit objectives

NHS England will work with the SDU to provide guidance and support to STPs to help them ensure they 'take account of social, economic and environmental benefits of the sort referenced in the social value act'  and 'making the most of each pound of public spending', as expressed in the 5YFV next steps.  Aim to increase volunteering by 50%. A new SDMP will be developed to cover 2018+.