Board Commitment

NICE is committed to promoting environmental, social and financial sustainability throughout the health and care system.

Progress 2017 - Internal commitments

Internal sustainability steering group meets quarterly to oversee NICE’s sustainability work, sustainability narrative included in products and sustainability webpages developed.

Progress 2017 - Influence through remit

Developed an environmental impact assessment tool for the guideline on medicines optimisation, which has been reviewed by end users. NICE is continuing to build on this work to assess the environmental impact of its guidance, including new and more usable ways of doing this.

New internal  and influence through remit objectives

Policy shaping: To continue to take an active part in the National Cross System Group to help provide leadership and cross-system support for sustainable healthcare development. To develop a stand-alone policy document to outline the strategy for embedding sustainability in the health and care system through NICE products.

Corporate: To publish a stand-alone annual sustainability report. To further develop NICE’s sustainable travel plans
Sustainability work relevant to guidance development: To continue to develop methods for including environmental sustainability within guidance. To further develop and support expertise in sustainability within NICE