Sustainable Development in Health and Care Report - Health Check 2016

The NHS and wider health and care sector have exceeded the first target in the bid to reach carbon reduction targets and help limit the effects of climate change set by the Climate Change Act 2008. 

The Sustainable Development in Health and Care Report shows the NHS has reduced its carbon emissions by 11% between 2007 and 2015 - exceeding the 10% target set in 2009.  The wider sector, which also includes public health and social care, has seen a 13% reduction over the same period.

Download the report below.

Report background

The report published on 28 January 2016 provides an analysis of sustainable development across the health and care sector. It completes the commitment to monitor and report on the ambition to reduce carbon by 10% in the NHS by 2015. The report includes a carbon footprint of both the NHS and wider health sector. Full details about those carbon footprints can be found using the links on the left of this page.

It also examines the challenges and opportunities for the wider sector in order to meet future legislative targets. The content includes analysis reflecting the views of the system and public patient perspectives on the sustainable development agenda.