Route map

Route Map

What is it?

The Route Map is a framework for action to help organisations develop a sustainable health system.

It will help you to coordinate and take action so your organisation can save money, resources, improve health and make changes future proof.
The Route Map is the result of a ground-breaking collaboration between the health system and around 70 partners. The Route Map framework isn't set in stone and will evolve over time as we discuss what needs to be done at an individual or an organisational level to make the health system more sustainable.

What can you do?

We've split the Route Map into SIX themes and would welcome your experience and expertise to turn a vision into a sustainable reality. We would like you to act as a sounding board for future developments. You'll then be able to network with your colleagues and share your experience and knowledge.

The Route Map gives a strategic direction but we can only transform the health system by harnessing the power of working together and sharing expertise.

Once you have signed up we will keep in touch via our monthly E-Bulletin. 

In the meantime you can leave a comment or ask a question through our Feedback Form.

The SIX themes

If you join you'll meet an inspiring set of colleagues who will be shaping the future of the health system locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
Please click on each of the themes below for more information.  

Videos, Pictures and Resources

We have a large selection of streamed and downloadable videos and pictures from the launch of the Route Map and you can find presentation slides, graphics and further information on the Route Map document in our Resources section.