Models of care

Models of Care


Where health is less a medical matter and more about us having control over our own well-being.

What do we mean by Models of Care?

This refers to the core business of any health and care system including its purpose, mission and the manner in which services are delivered.

Investment in prevention is considered paramount and all sectors work more closely together to provide appropriate care.

This means housing, education, support to early years and community networks provide a fully integrated health and care system.

For instance vulnerable people receive integrated healthcare funds to insulate their homes better. This minimises ill health during winter, reduces hospital emissions and enables savings and a better standard of living.

Further information

Every organisation can identify ineffective health processes and foster sustainability through commissioning arrangements at a local level, and by helping build some nationally agreed standards.
Research organisations can support this work by developing the evidence base required to encourage shifts in models of care.

Getting Started

Explore opportunities for sustainable models of care. Avoid ineffective care. Increase investment to prevent illness, discourage unhealthy lifestyles and benefit from the natural environment


Collaborate with cross sector partners to prevent illness, promote health and develop sustainable joint service plans.


Tailor healthcare so it’s closer to home. The health system, society and the individual work together to reduce inequalities

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