Technology is an enabler of positive societal and environmental change.

What do we mean by Technology?

This Route Map theme refers to the investment in low carbon and health technologies.
This will help to drive and deliver some of the transformations required for a more sustainable health and care system.
The government and financial institutions can help reduce the risk of investment and adoption of new technologies and improve opportunities for telemedicine and sustainable and preventative healthcare.

However, we can't rely on efficiencies and technological progress to meet the carbon reduction challenge.
To do this the healthcare sector needs to partner with all its stakeholders to achieve sustainable goals and invest in low carbon technologies.

Further information

Every innovation board, procurement process, business case and strategic planning procedure should include references to the use and development of sustainable technologies and how this will reduce health inequalities and develop healthy communities.
Together we can develop criteria to judge success and share progress.

Getting Started

Adopt and Invest in sustainable technologies. Reduce the risk of investment in new technology. Welcome innovation.


Enable and Support technology to allow the empowerment, equality and wellbeing of individuals.


Require and Expect low carbon technologies to be incorporated in all healthcare services and products.

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