System Governance


The health and sustainability agendas drive policy which supports individuals, society and organisations to behave in a sustainable, fair and health-conscious way.

What do we mean by System Governance?

This requires creating a standardised approach to measuring and monitoring sustainability and minimising the use of resources across the health and care system. A legislative framework is needed with public reporting as a core organisational indicator. Accounting for sustainability becomes a component of good governance as well as whole life cycle costing. This information is visible to all, in real time, and is incorporated into operational and strategic planning.

Further information

The steps on the way to achieving the vision:

Getting Started

Agree on responsibilities, mechanisms, measures and incentives including legislation, regulation and public reporting of progress in the health system.


Account for sustainability and the future in all decision making processes.
Life cycle costing is the norm in health.


Self Regulate and feedback processes across the health system. Sustainability is part of life.

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