Use of resources

Use of resources


We live with the resources that our planet can support instead of the 2.5 planets that we are currently using.

What do we mean by Use of Resources?

This includes all types of resources including human time, commitment, green space and not just oil, carbon and water. Research clarifies how best to use resources. This will help in making appropriate decisions, particularly in business terms. The methodology includes appropriate weightings for the future so the true value and cost of resources are fully taken into account. This will ensure items are reused, waste and packaging minimised, and human time and services are used more efficiently.

Further information

The steps on the way to achieving the vision:

Getting Started

Research how to use all types of resources better to enhance health and minimise waste. Identify, prioritise and address gaps in knowledge


Model health business decisions so entire resource impact is accounted for in the future. All resources need to include full life cycle carbon and sustainability costings.


Value all resources including people’s time and the natural environment so every resource is accounted for and profiled to enable a no waste approach.

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