Societal behaviour

Societal behaviour


A compassionate society living in a high quality environment with reduced health inequalities

What do we mean by Societal Behaviour?

This represents the influence that society exerts as we progress towards a more sustainable health system. It reflects on the public engagement with climate change and sustainability and anticipates society learning to fully appreciate the true value of sustainable products, services and places. This means society recognises the long term financial and social benefits of addressing health inequalities, improving green space and running low carbon services.

Further information

The steps on the way to achieving the vision:

Getting Started

Engages with the sustainability debate. Demands answers and influences outcomes. The health system explains its case for taking sustainability seriously.


Integrates sustainability into its ethos. Appreciates the value of sustainable products, services and places.


Embeds true value in its functioning. Understands, accepts and expects that sustainability is a life-time

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