Individual attitudes

Individual Attitudes


Values are redefined to encompass health and wellbeing linked to an acceptance of finite resources.

What do we mean by individual behaviours and attitudes?

Every person now knows what they can do to be more sustainable and to be healthier. People expect greater personal choice and information so that individuals can make decisions based on both health and sustainable criteria. People exert influence on others with an expectation that everyone makes sustainable choices. This change in behaviour is similar to the peer pressure and acknowledgement of individual culpability that made drink driving unacceptable.

Further information

The steps on the way to achieving the vision:

Getting Started

You understand what you can do. You know you should act. You know you can make a difference.


You expect to be able to make choices based on sustainability and health criteria when considering services and products.


You demand zero tolerance to unsustainable behaviour as it is socially unacceptable.

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