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Route Map for Sustainable Health and Care - slides, graphs and pictures

Our vision of a sustainable health and care system

Imagine a time when going to hospital is seen as a failing of the health and social care system. Where most of the care and support you need can be offered at home. Where you can get instant medical help online, by phone or at a local health centre. Where health inequalities are low and wellbeing is key.

Imagine a place where the few buildings that support the health system are in tune with the environment. They use almost no carbon and are integrated into the community and with nature. They are inviting for patients and a pleasure to work in.

Imagine a world where friends, family and society help promote healthy living. Where we all support the local health and social system to recycle, re-use and minimise waste. Where we know that delivery of services take the long term financial, social and environmental costs into account.

Imagine knowing that we’ve done our best to improve health and minimise our impact on the environment.

In addition to this page we also have a dedicated page for Route Map supporters. Here you are able to get further details about the Route Map and you can sign up to show your support, leave comments and share best practice.

Below you will find a number of resources that we would encourage individuals and organisations to use in their work around the Route Map. These include:

  • PowerPoint presentation with the Route Map graphic
  • Graphics that feature in the Route Map document