This is a monthly e-bulletin which is distributed by the SDU. The bulletin contains news from across the country as well as the latest work taking place at the SDU, events and a case study highlighting good practice in sustainable development.

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  • Bulletin No. 58
    Bulletin No. 58 - 17 October 2011

    News highlights in this edition: 1) Get a free procurement carbon footprint for your organisation; 2) Win a prize for your case study;3) Free e-learning for procurement and carbon management professionals.

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  • Bulletin No. 57
    Bulletin No. 57 - 29 September 2011

    News highlights in this edition: 1) Regional Directors of Public Health have sustainability in their remit; 2) Win a prize for your case study; 3) Who won at the HSJ awards?

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  • Bulletin No. 56
    Bulletin No. 56 - 15 September 2011

    News highlights this fortnight are: 1) We need your help to find NHS carbon hot spots; 2) Sustainability in the HSJ; 3) Updating the SDMP guidance.

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  • Bulletin No. 55
    Bulletin No. 55 - 17 August 2011

    News highlights this fortnight are: 1) CRC Update; 2) SHA Regional Leads for Sustainability - new arrangements; 3) Please take a moment to click on our new Online Poll.

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  • Bulletin No. 54
    Bulletin No. 54 - 03 August 2011

    News highlights in this Bulletin are: 1) NHS organisations hit CRC deadline; 2) NHS and DH launch Premises Assurance Model (PAM); 3) SDU forms GCC consultation group

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  • Bulletin No. 53
    Bulletin No. 53 - 20 July 2011

    News highlights in this Bulletin are: 1) CRC - Submit data on time or face a £5000 to £40,000 fine; 2) Route Map event - dealing with the challenges ahead; 3) Transition and Sustainability.

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  • Bulletin No. 52
    Bulletin No. 52 - 06 July 2011

    Highlights in this Bulletin are: 1) CRC update and submission deadline approaching; 2) Join our Route Map workshop on the 12th July; 3) How can you win a prize for Innovation?

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  • Bulletin No. 51
    Bulletin No. 51 - 22 June 2011

    As many of you are aware we're running a next steps event for the Route Map for Sustainable Health on the 12th July in London. If you would like more information and would like to attend the workshop which is being held at the Kings Fund then please let know and she will send you additional information. Highlights in this Bulletin are: Do you want funding for your sustainable projects?; Save money with Ebay style scheme for NHS office equipment; And which NHS Trust is going for green?

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  • Bulletin No. 50
    Bulletin No. 50 - 09 June 2011

    We're celebrating our 2nd Birthday this edition with our 50th Bulletin! The NHS SDU first published the Bulletin on the 3rd June 2009 and thanks to all of you who have contributed ideas and news over the last two years. We hope you continue to find our newsletter a useful resource. Highlights in this Bulletin are: 1) SDMPs on the rise across England; 2) Sustainability - the challenge facing GP consortia; 3) CRC - the latest letter to participants.

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  • Bulletin No. 49
    Bulletin No. 49 - 25 May 2011

    Thanks to all you who have joined our "Route Map" project so far. If you'd like to take part and help shape a sustainable future for the NHS then please take a few moments to look at the Route Map themes on our website. Highlights in this Bulletin are: 1) Responding to the Listening Exercise; 2) Where will you be in Autumn's CRC performance league tables and how will you prepare for unwanted press attention?; 3) Who won the BMJ Sustainable Healthcare Awards and will you nominate your organisation for the HSJ GCC award?

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