This is a monthly e-bulletin which is distributed by the SDU. The bulletin contains news from across the country as well as the latest work taking place at the SDU, events and a case study highlighting good practice in sustainable development.

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  • Bulletin No. 48
    Bulletin No. 48 - 11 May 2011

    We'd like to thank those of you who have recently joined one of the six "Route Map" themes. We will be in touch by the end of May with a framework for action and look forward to working with you closely over the coming months. If you haven't signed up to one of the themes there is still time. Highlights in this Bulletin are: 1) CRC reports due in by end of July - important update 2) What's the connection between national security, climate and health? 3) How to make an impact with sustainability

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  • Bulletin No. 47
    Bulletin No. 47 - 13 April 2011

    Can you help us make a sustainable NHS? Would you like to make a difference without increasing your workload? If the answer is yes then join one of the six Route Map themes. Other Bulletin highlights in this edition: 1) Hospitals could face big fines 2) Consultation response now online 3) How can GP practices become more sustainable?

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  • Bulletin No. 46
    Bulletin No. 46 - 30 March 2011

    Highlights from the Bulletin are: 1. What was in the March Budget for Sustainable Development; 2. The NHS SDU takes over the Good Corporate Citizenship Tool; 3. The Route Map made simple. Please let know if you have a news item for the Bulletin.

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  • Bulletin No. 45
    Bulletin No. 45 - 16 March 2011

    Over the next fortnight we have a great opportunity to be more sustainable as the clocks go forward, spring officially begins and it's lighter in the evenings. We'll use less electricity and gas at home and work and you could even do a bit more cycling in the warmer weather, but can you do anything else? In this fortnight's Bulletin see how you can help yourself and your organisation become more sustainable.

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  • Bulletin No. 44
    Bulletin No. 44 - 02 March 2011

    A jam packed NHS SDU Bulletin this fortnight. Remember to continue signing up to the Route Map project. Highlights from this Bulletin are: 1. The Government is mainstreaming Sustainable Development (SD); 2. DH and the NHS SDU tackle reporting sustainability in the NHS financial reporting process; 3. How media stories today show us what healthcare will be like tomorrow. Please contact for any further information.

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  • Bulletin No. 43
    Bulletin No. 43 - 16 February 2011

    It's been just over two weeks since the launch of the Route Map for Sustainable Health. We'd like to thank all of you who have already joined the Route Map workstreams, given us feedback, posted comments or expressed an interest in taking this work forward. Highlights from this Bulletin are: 1. Latest on the Route Map including pictures, video and animation; 2. First come first served for energy saving projects; 3. Help make NHS sites better for the environment by supporting NHS Forest.

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  • Bulletin No. 42
    Bulletin No. 42 - 02 February 2011

    The NHS Sustainable Development Unit has launched the Route Map for Sustainable Health - a framework for action to develop a sustainable health system. More than 220 people came to our launch event in London at St Barts hospital on the 1st February. This Bulletin will describe in more detail the Route Map and how you can play your part in creating a truly sustainable NHS.

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  • Bulletin No. 41
    Bulletin No. 41 - 19 January 2011

    The first Bulletin of the New Year and it's got a new look. From now on we're changing the way we send it to you. You should now receive your Bulletin in the body of an email rather than as an attachment. This will help us evaluate the reach of the Bulletin across our networks. Please contact for any further information.

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  • Bulletin No. 40
    Bulletin No. 40 - 15 December 2010

    This is the last instalment of our bulletin before the festive break. The SDU and I wish you a very merry Christmas. We're looking forward to working with you again in the New Year and to sharing more excellent examples of sustainability across the NHS. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your help and support during 2010. The Bulletin will have a short break and will return again on the 19th January. The following issue will coincide with the launch of the Vision for Sustainable Health on the 1st February.

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  • Bulletin No. 39
    Bulletin No. 39 - 01 December 2010

    Highlights in this edition: An update to the Vision for Sustainable Health. Celebrating sustainable development across the NHS. Climate change is a hot topic in Mexico

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