Practical guides and briefings


"How to" guides

We have created a number of short self help guides which can be quickly implemented dealing with specific areas of interest.  Currently these are:


Knowledge Briefings

The Sustainable Development Unit writes a number of Knowledge Briefings are intended to be short summaries of complicated topics in an easy to read format. They will give you an overview of the subject while giving practical advice and useful links to find out more information. They should help you quickly get up to speed with the topic so you can speak to your colleagues in an informed way.


5 to survive

What can healthcare professionals do to improve health, save money and resources and reduce carbon pollution.
These one page guides give five key actions for professionals working in:


Resources for carbon reduction - Energy, Travel and Procurement

There are many practical resources already available to use to help reduce carbon emissions. We have some practical help on the three largest contributors to the NHS carbon footprint:

  1. Energy
  2. Travel
  3. Procurement