Regional and local networks

Regional and local networks are being established across the country to bring together people working in organisations involved in health and social care, who want find out how they can embed sustainability into their work and be supported to do so.

The first Regional Leads event was held in Liverpool over 2nd and 3rd October 2014, and saw representatives from each of the four regions gather to look at ways of building their local networks and how to support the spread of good practice. Since then, the networks have been working to embed sustainability regionally and locally by engaging with staff in NHS, Public Health England and local authorities, with support from the SDU. There is now a Regional and Local Sustainability Networks Manager in place in the SDU to support, work with and learn from these networks, as well as aid with the development of the new ambassador roles and training programmes.

If you'd like to get involved in a network, help set up a group or find out more in the first instance you can contact your regional lead who will be able to advise you as to what's happening in your area or put you in touch with people who are making things happen at a local level.


Leads: PHE Mike Gent, deputy Peter Roderick; NHS Janet King, deputy Harriet Hinson


  • North West: PHE John Astbury; NHS vacant
  • North East: PHE Paul Davison; NHS vacant 
  • Yorks & Humber: PHE vacant; NHS vacant


Midlands and East

Leads: PHE Sarah Webb; NHS vacant




Leads: PHE Marc Beveridge, deputy Joanne Dudley-Drake; NHS Kathie Binysh


Leads: PHE James Mapstone, deputy Aimee Stimpson; NHS Caroline Jessel, deputy Vivienne Stevens


Additional Networks

Climate UK is a network of climate change partnership organisations in England, Northern Ireland and has close links with the Scottish and Welsh Government.To find out about networks in your area use the map on the Climate UK website.

Sustainability West Midlands (SWM) is the sustainability champion for the West Midlands and includes networks covering NHS and public health. More information about the groups can be found on the SWM website.